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How to Really Cut Government Spending

If the U.S. Congress is serious about cutting government spending, it must eliminate duplication, overlap, and fragmentation in federal programs. That was the message U.S. Comptroller General Gene L. Dodaro had for Congress when he told lawmakers that as long as it keeps on spending more money than it collects, the federal government’s long-term fiscal outlook will remain â€Å"unsustainable.† The Extent of the Problem As Dorado told Congress, the long-term problem has not changed. Every year, the government spends more money on programs like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits than it takes in through taxes. According to the 2016 Financial Report of the U.S. Government, the federal deficit increased from $439 billion in fiscal year 2015 to $587 billion in fiscal 2016. Over the same period, a modest $18.0 billion increase in federal revenue was more than offset by a $166.5 billion increase in spending, mainly on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and interest on debt held by the public. The public debt alone rose as a share of gross domestic product (GDP), from 74%at the end of fiscal 2015 to 77% at the end of fiscal 2016. By comparison, the public debt has averaged only 44% of the GDP since 1946. The 2016 Financial Report, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) all agree that unless policy changes are made, the debt-to-GDP ratio will surpass its historical high of 106% within 15 to 25 years. Some Near-Term Solutions While long-term problems require long-term solutions, there are some near-term things Congress and the executive branch agencies can do to improve the governments fiscal condition without eliminating or severely cutting major social benefits programs. For starters, suggested Dodaro, addressing improper and fraudulent benefits payments and the tax gap, as well as dealing with duplication, overlap, and fragmentation in those programs. On May 3, 2017, the GAO released its seventh annual report on fragmentation, overlap, and duplication among federal programs. In its ongoing investigations, the GAO looks for aspects of programs that could save taxpayer money by eliminating: Duplication: circumstances in which more than one federal agency, or more than one organization within an agency, is involved in the same broad area of national need and opportunities for more efficient service delivery exist;Overlap: when multiple agencies or programs have similar or identical goals, engage in similar activities or strategies to achieve them, or target similar beneficiaries; andFragmentation: circumstances in which more than one federal agency is involved in the same broad area of national need. As a result of the agencies’ efforts to fix the cases of duplication, overlap, and fragmentation identified in the GAO’s first six such reports issued from 2011 to 2016, the federal government has already saved an estimated $136 billion, according to Comptroller General Dodaro. In its 2017 report, the GAO identified 79 new cases of duplication, overlap, and fragmentation in 29 new areas across the government such as health, defense, homeland security, and foreign affairs.   By continuing to address, duplication, overlap, and fragmentation, and without entirely eliminating a single program, the GAO estimates the federal government could save â€Å"tens of billions.† Examples of Duplication, Overlap, and Fragmentation A few of the 79 new cases of wasteful program administration identified by the GAO its latest report on duplication, overlap, and fragmentation included: Sexual Violence Data: The Departments of Defense, Education, Health and Human Services (HHS), and Justice (DOJ) currently manage at least 10 different programs indented to collect data on sexual violence. The duplication and fragmentation results on wasted effort and a lack of understanding of the scope of the problem in the United States.Federal Grants Awards: The National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Food and Nutrition Service, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lack processes to ensure that their grants do not fund duplicate or overlapping programs already being funded by other agencies.Foreign-Assistance Data Quality: As a key step to addressing the potential overlap in the collection and reporting of foreign-assistance information, the Department of State, in consultation with the U.S. Agency for International Development and OMB, needs to improve data quality to ensure consistency in publically available information on how foreign aid is distributed and used.Military Commissaries: By better managing and coordinating purchasing for it commissaries across all military branches, the Department ofDefense could save an estimated $2 billion.Storage of Defense and Commercial Nuclear Waste: By better coordinating the agencies collecting data and analyzing options for the permanent storage of military high-level nuclear waste and commercial spent nuclear fuel, the Department of Energy could potentially save tens of billions of dollars. Between 2011 and 2016, the GAO recommended 645 actions in 249 areas for Congress or executive branch agencies to reduce, eliminate, or better manage fragmentation, overlap, or duplication; or increase revenue. By the end of 2016, Congress and executive branch agencies had addressed 329 (51%) of those actions resulting in about $136 billion in savings. According to Comptroller General Dodaro, by fully implementing the recommendations made in the GAO’s 2017 report, the government could save â€Å"tens of billions more dollars.†

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Essay on Undisclosed Desires for Nellie Washington

It wasnt too hot or too cold, it was the perfect weather. I lifted my hands over my head and took a deep breath. The grass was slightly moist from the rain last night. I stepped out into the bright sunlight, urging my muscles to wake up. Fall was literally around the corner and I was trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before the leaves started turning brown and everyone brought out the pumpkins and turkeys. I glanced at my watch and read the time. I had thirty minutes before school and I hadnt done anything to get ready. I hadnt even brushed my teeth yet or made my bed. I woke up, rubbed my eyes and came out onto the front porch. I had a valid excuse for waking up and going outside though, I wanted to catch her†¦show more content†¦Car troubles? Id say just to break the ice. Nellie would look at me and smile. Youre an angel, Ian! She would say in delight or something like that. And in my fantasy, shed have on a skirt that showed off her killer legs. No, I was not some pervert. I just thought Nellie Washington would look sexy in a skirt. Since I had never seen her in one, I couldnt really picture her as well as I wanted to. But this was not fantasy, it was reality and in reality Nellie was wearing grey skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt with some weird blue police box on it. It was the kind of shirt you saw on comic book nerds. As this is reality, and Nellie is a very responsible girl for her age, her car came to life and I was instantly disappointed. She pulled out of her garage and onto the empty street after she look both ways five times. I watched as she zoomed off down the road and headed over to the mailbox. There was nothing inside for me. Most of it was for my dad, a couple were for my mom and there was one for Matt, my younger twin brother. I hoped he hadnt gotten the last bit of Nutella. Matt was sitting at the kitchen table shoveling spoonfuls of cereal, muffins and cups of orange juice in his mouth when I walked in. Damn. He muttered as a bit of orange juice fell on him. Good thing youreShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesMichigan State University Philip Roth, Clemson University Dale Rude, University of Houston Holly Schroth, University of California at Berkeley Jody Tolan, University of Southern California Debra Schneck, Indiana University Marilyn Wesner, George Washington University Over the last editions this text has grown stronger with the contribution and feedback of the following instructors: David Abramis, California State University Chris Adalikwu, Concordia College Basil Adams, Notre Dame de Namur University

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Why I need a degree in Christian ministry Free Essays

I am a devoted Christian with a calling to serve human kind so as to convert as many people as possible to Christianity.   For me, nothing makes more sense that preaching the word of God.   Although I believe that Christianity is a matter of spirituality and the Holy Spirit is largely responsible for teaching Christians and especially preachers and ministers the word, I appreciate the role of studying the Christian ministry. We will write a custom essay sample on Why I need a degree in Christian ministry or any similar topic only for you Order Now With an increasingly elitist society, more people turning lukewarm to the word of God, with an increasingly rebellious youth and society, it is the high time that Christian ministers changed their approach in preaching and teaching the word of God so as to address the emerging situation. Preaching the word of God today is different from what it used to be in the past three decades or so. The preaching of the word of God requires a combination of spiritual knowledge and formal knowledge acquired through studies. A lot of contemporary issues affecting today’s churches such as high rate of divorce and infidelity even amongst Christians is a cause for worry.   Even amongst the top leadership of churches, Christian leaders are often differing in the open on some issue affecting the society something which is threatening to tear apart the church. There is a need for church leaders to be equipped with leadership skills; these are only attainable through further studies. An issue such as the accommodation of homosexuals in the church is an example of an emerging challenge for the church leadership.   To handle the fresh challenges, a quality education and training in the word of God is very important.   Leading the church today needs managerial qualities as much as the spiritual issues. Studying a degree in Christian ministry combines teachings of the bible with other contemporary issues such as leadership.   A degree in Christian ministry is ideal for a church minister in that, a sense of management skills as well as leadership skills has become a necessity in the management of modern institutions. For me a chance to pursue a degree in Christian ministry will grant me the opportunity to gain the management and leadership skills.   These management skills gained in education helps a lot in the management of churches; some of which are big enough and have congregations of tens of thousands with a network stretching many countries. I am already a Christian and I really need the training given the fact that I am planting a church in Haiti, a foreign country, with different culture from mine and under a totally different environment.   I need a combination of skills so as to be able to lead the new church into prosperity.    In preaching, it has become very important for the preachers to balance the sermons in order to meet the diverse needs of the congregation.   For instance, there could be some members of the congregation who are faced with parenting problems, others who are faced with financial challenges and others could be faced with marriage problems. The congregations look up to the ministers for hope, inspiration and for assurance.   To meet the needs such as those mentioned above, preachers must be competent in such matters.   This requires training and for me; the need for a degree in Christian ministry. Additionally, it has become very important for preachers to change the approach in missions.   For example, taking the example of nations where Christianity has not yet reached everybody or is faced with stiff opposition, there is a need for preachers to use the professional approach.   For instance, there are countries whereby a Christian teacher can not be allowed to preach. If one is trained and they have a degree, such a preacher can go into that country not necessarily as a preacher but an employee of non-profit making organizations. Once already in the areas where preaching is forbidden, it is very easy to preach in a work station.   Therefore a degree in the Christian ministry allows an individual to fit in many situations where the services of a minister are needed. A lot of scholarly materials have been discovered in the course of time which has served to fortify the belief and faith of Christians.   The best place to learn about historical discoveries on Christian issues is in the university. A degree in Christian ministry gives the student good background knowledge on topics surrounding the church, which become very useful in the conversion process whereby converts may question some teachings.   For preachers who have been through the university, they are better placed to solve such issues. Conclusion I am a devoted Christian, a Sunday school teacher and a traveling missionary with an aim of reaching the unreached and delivering the good news to those who have not has the wonderful opportunity. I really would love to pursue a degree in Christian ministry if I am granted the opportunity. References Barkley, Nella, and Sandburg, E. (1995).   Taking Charge of Your Career.   New York:   Workman How to cite Why I need a degree in Christian ministry, Papers

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Memoir Taylors Darkness Essay Example For Students

Memoir Taylors Darkness Essay Cigarette smoke has always been a comforting smell to me. My grandfather smoked for 50 out of the 75 years of his life, and he was what I associated that smell with; which was safety, love, and comfort. But, as this disgusting specimen blew his cheap menthol smoke into my direction I wasnt comforted. I was forced to stand by the door, and watch Taylor move all of her stuff into boxes, while this idiot rambled on about the stupid landlord, and everyone else being the problem. I had been to this place many times. It was our crash spot after parties so our parents wouldnt find out we had been drinking. In the morning, when they had left for work, we would all go back to our normal suburban life, and sleep until the next party. All of us, except Taylor. She lived in that crash spot. No parenting, no rules, no curfew; we all told her she had the perfect situation. Little did we know, it was all vacant. Freedom always comes with a price, and no one understood that better than her. But now, that crash spot was being taken away, her whole life ripped out from under her because of a stupid financial mistake. And her home on Anderson Street was moving all the way to Fort Worth, then later Michigan. However, she wasnt invited to the final crash spot with her former family in Michigan, and all of a sudden, I gained a new roommate, a sister, and a best friend. It was really hard trying to understand why Taylor was the way she was. We were polar opposites. Me, the average middle class white kid that lived with overbearing parents and a spoiled rotten younger sibling; and Taylor, the tossed around lower class black girl with a rotten attitude and a tendency to show up to class stoned. I dont know how we managed to come together, but something connected us in a way no one will ever understand. We formed a group, her and I. We were full of rebellious teenagers trying to fill a void with drugs and alcohol. What that void was from, I still dont know. But we bonded, nonetheless. And who I thought I was would change the day she moved in with me. I was excited; I had always wanted a sister. My brother never wanted to talk to me, and I never got to have that kind of a bond with anyone. Sure, it was a little cramped sharing an eight foot by ten foot room with someone, but I wanted to make it work. And hell, she was my best friend right? It would be like a slumber party every night of the week, we would be able to do homework together, nothing would slow us down. We had all the same friends, it would be fun right? Weve never fought before, so what could go wrong? Slowly, but surely, our differences decided to catch up with us. Our daily routines, the way we do laundry, what time we go to bed and what time we wake up, all decided to rub together and cause a big irritation that spread around the house. I’m a sensitive soul, everything I do I try to do to make people happy. Taylor, on the other hand, could not care less about what anyone thought or thinks about her. She does things to make herself and the people she cares about happy, and anyone that tries to get in her way, she takes down as quickly as they tried to stand up. One thing that tended to make Taylor happy, or at least dilute her feelings temporarily was alcohol. She had a strong aching for it all throughout high school, and quite a few times, brought me down that road with her, and put us both in a good amount of danger. .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .postImageUrl , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:hover , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:visited , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:active { border:0!important; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:active , .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1 .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ucdb3e2540d54bf2e3edb7f8bf1942dd1:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Meliville Sophocles Discussion EssayI liked to drink, because it drowned out the pressure I felt every day from my mother as she was vicariously living through me. Medical school, scholarships, perfection, were all topics I had to be lectured about daily so I wouldnt turn out like her; the school teacher married to a redneck with a drinking problem in the same boring job he would have for the rest of his life. That was her opinion she portrayed about herself unfortunately. I thought that we had it pretty good. We loved each other, we took care of each other, and we didnt have to worry much about whether we were going to make it or not. But that never seemed to be enough. A lot of pressure has been dumped on me. Everyone seems to think that they need something better than they already have. They dont appreciate what they have while they have it. Taylor needed to drink. She needed to escape from herself, and I was beginning to see that. She had a dark past, but a really bright future she was creating aside from the incessant drinking and smoking she was doing. As soon as I realized what was really happening, and what we were doing to our chances at a better future, I tried to be the influence that would bring her to see that she is so much better than her past, and she didnt need those things to be a successful person. For a while, and the year and a half that she was living with us, it worked. We went to school, the occasional party, but mostly we did what we needed to do to get ourselves through school, and be successful. In the end, Taylor’s darkness dominated the positive influence I had put upon her. My functional yet dysfunctional family life was too â€Å"boring† for her, and this summer she distanced herself from us, and left the life we had tried to give her for something that she thought better suited her. Sometimes I blame myself for not telling her how much we truly loved her, and how much she meant to us. But truly, the miscommunication was in our personalities, and in our souls. We are two different people, with two different goals for ourselves.

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How to Motivate Your Employees

Introduction Employees form the most important part of any organization. According to Chopra (2002), employees are the most important assert within an organization. Employees will determine success or failure of an organization based on the approach they give to the various tasks assigned to them.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How to Motivate Your Employees specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Employee motivation is therefore, very important in ensuring that employees achieve desired result in various tasks assigned to them in order to ensure an overall success of the firm. Motivated employees tend to give their best effort in all that they do. The work with very little supervision, and do not wait to be directed to perform given tasks. They work with the vision of the organization in their heart, always determined to see success in all that they do. It is because of this that various firms have come to appreciate the need to have a group of motivated employees. Firms are currently struggling to ensure that they offer their employees the best working environment that will ensure that they are constantly motivated. Employees’ motivation always has a direct impact on the success of the firm in the given industry. This paper focuses on ways in which employees of a given firm can be motivated. The Need for Employee Motivation For a long time, labor has not been given its rightful position in many organizations. Many of the managements have not thought of viewing their employees as very important asserts. However, the happenings of the recent past have proven that labor force is one of the most important asserts to any given organization. When the management lays down objectives to be achieved, it is always the employees who are expected to implement the policies that would bring the desired results. It is this work force that would be expected to turn the policies from paper to reality. Th erefore, retention of employees is very important. Employees should be retained within the organization to ensure that the firm’s operations are consistent. High turnover rate of employees is not healthy for the firm’s prosperity (Anderson, 2004). This is because it does not only affect the smooth implementation of policies within the firm, but also leads to increased cost of training new employees. It is even worse that the employees would go away having learnt the strategies of the firm, making the firm vulnerable to its competitors. The management should therefore device methods of hiring qualified employees and retaining them within the firm. One of the best ways to achieve this is through motivation. It is through motivation that employees will feel attached to the firm and therefore feel committed to the firm.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Relationship between Employee Motivation and Success of a Firm Armstrong (2002) says that employees are the implementing arm of the organization. While the top executives formulate the policies to be implemented by the organization, most of their tasks always end in the paper. It is upon the employees to make these blueprints a reality. In his words, employees are the engine of the organization. When well taken care of and put in a proper condition, they would always give the best of the results to the organization. However, when they are neglected and left to ‘rust’ they will always give leap service and the output will be very disappointing. Motivating employees within the organization is very important. There is a direct link between employee motivation and success of a firm. It is very important that a firm increases the rate of employee motivation because of a number of reasons. In most of the occasions, policies are always developed to last for one whole year. However, these p olicies are always units in the larger vision of the firm. A vision may be developed to be achieved in a time span of say thirty year or so. This duration is long and the firm may not take a direct approach towards achieving this vision. It therefore has to split this vision into yearly strategic objectives. When the year begins, the firm would plan with its current work force. When some of the employees leave along the year because of lack of motivation, it would be a blow to the success of that year’s strategic objectives. The firm would be forced to look for a replacement and train them and make them understand the objectives to be achieved (Barrows Powers, 2008). This is time consuming and costly venture that would reduce the success of the organization. Changing the employees on a yearly basis is not good either. This is because in so doing, the vision of the firm will be lost. It will not be possible to realize the vision because every year, the firm would be forced to start with new employees who may not understand the vision, and how it was developed in the first place. This minimizes chances of achieving expected goals within the organization. Retaining employees through proper motivation is another way of cutting cost. It is always necessary to train new employees to the firm on how to manage various forces that affect the organization. It would cost the management time and money to ensure that new recruits understand the working environment and are able to perform what is expected of them. Retaining employees would eliminate this cost.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on How to Motivate Your Employees specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is also easier to form a community that understands itself with a workforce that last for over five years within the firm. Everyone would know exactly what is expected of him or her, and therefore the task of directing them would be much easi er. This can only be possible if the employees feel motivated within the firm. Employee Motivation in the 21st Century The core of this research is to determine how best a firm can motivate its employees. Having categorically looked at the importance of motivating employees, it is prudent to determine ways through which a given firm can ensure that its grip on its employees is not shaken. However, there are some factors that must be considered before determining how best a firm can motivate its employees. It is an acceptable fact that for a firm to motivate employees, it must start by employing some of the best talents that would help it achieve its goals. As such, it is important to understand how best a firm can recruit new employees. After recruiting the best of the employees, as per the measures that have been put in place, it is also important to appreciate that not all of them would leave up to the expectations (Chuang Liao, 2010). As such, it would again be appropriate to de termine who to retain because a firm can only retain the best of the workforce in order to be in a position to achieve the maximum. It is upon the determination of the best workforce to retain that a firm can now develop the best ways to motivating such employees. Strategies of Employee Motivation To ensure that there is a constantly motivated workforce, it would require the management to employ the right strategies that would ensure that it succeeds in this. It may appear as a simple task of making employees happy. However, it goes beyond this. To motivate employees within the firm, there are a series of strategies that a firm should employ in order to ensure that employees are constantly satisfied. The secret behind this retention lies in ensuring that the employee is satisfied and feels challenged with the present task. This will cause the drive in him to want to come tomorrow and beat the challenge. The recommendations below gives a detailed strategy of how to employ the right i ndividuals to the firm, and how such individuals should be retained, once employed.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Recommendations on How to Motivate Employees This has been the core of this research. The researcher was interested in determining how best to motivate employees within a given firm. According to Griffin and Moorhead (2009), the secret behind the motivation of employees within a firm is through understanding their special needs. Human being by nature wants to be appreciated. This way, they feel that their effort is recognized. They feel motivated, and this way, they are in a position to perform better within the firm. Motivation comes in various forms. Promotion in the place of work. People always feel so much appreciated if they are made to raise a step or two in their workplace. However minimal this rise may be, it would be appreciated by the employees and this would make them work harder in order to be given even higher ranks the firm. They would remain in the firm with the hope that one day they would rise to the highest position in the firm Giving employees financial incentive s. Although there are many factors that would encourage an individual to get employment, the ultimate goal is to earn good salaries that would enable him or her be in a position to take good care of the family. Financial incentives are some of the best ways through which a firm can ensure that they make employees feel that their efforts are appreciated. It would motivate them to work harder and will not make them think of leaving the firm. Personal appreciation from the management team would be a high motivation to the employee. It would go a long way in ensuring that the employee is motivated within the firm. Public praises. It is important that when an employee performs exceptionally well, the management should praise such employees publicly. Such public praises will make the employees attached to the firm. High involvement and clear communication. The management should always ensure that employees are involved. They should be made to feel that they are responsible for every task they have to undertake. This way, they would always want to see their departments excel, a fact that may make them stay motivated within the organization. Team building seminars. One of the best way of motivating employees and ensuring that they work as a team is by organizing team building seminars. Though such seminars, employees would form very strong bonds amongst themselves and with the firm. As such, they would not think of leaving the firm for another because the bond would always keep them together. The management should also foster trust. The employees should have trust in employees. They should be made to feel that the management is caring. The management should always ensure that they keep trust by always honoring their promises. Challenging experience. Human being, under a normal circumstance, work best when provided with challenging tasks. They feel that they have something to accomplish tomorrow, because they feel that today’s work is not satisfactory. Such an e mployee would always be thinking of ways to beat the deadlines other than engaging in unconstructive tasks because of lack of motivation. Conclusion Employees are very important to an organization. Success of organization will start by having employees who feel that there is need to succeed. Success can be achieved with motivated employees. Motivated employees will always work as a team and be committed to their tasks in order to foster success to the organization. There are various ways of ensuring that employees are constantly motivated within the organization. One of the ways through which this can be achieved is through promotion at workplace. The employees feel that they are valued in the firm. Another prominent way of motivating employees is through good remuneration. This makes them feel that the firm cares for their families. There are many other motivational methods that ensure that employees work within the expected limits. References Anderson, T. (2004). Research Methods in Human Resource Management. London: Chattered institute of Personell Management Publishing. Armstrong, M. (2002). Employee Rewards. Trowbridge: CIPD Publishing. Barrows, C., Powers, T. (2008). Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry. Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons. Chopra, S. (2002). Motivation in Management. New Delhi: Sarup Sons. Chuang, C., Liao, H. (2010). Strategic Human Resource in Service Context: Taking Care of Business by Taking Care of Employees and Customers. Personell psychology , 63(1), 153-196. Griffin, R., Moorhead, G. (2009). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations. Mason: Cengage learning. This essay on How to Motivate Your Employees was written and submitted by user Davis Livingston to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Free sample - The Texas State Board of Education curriculum. translation missing

The Texas State Board of Education curriculum. The Texas State Board of Education curriculumThe communication triangle Referential: Between the student (writer) and the topic Interpersonal: Between the student and the instructor (reader) Directive: Between the instructor and the topic The workplace continues to experience change due to rapidly changing technology and global economic forces. These transform the work requirements of students that necessitate them to graduate ready to perform work that require strong academic skills and application of essential skills such as critical thinking, literacy and analytic capabilities, as well as increased proficiency in math and science. The graduation requirements for secondary school should therefore reflect the changes in the workplace. The promotion of the curriculum ensures that more students enter college or workforce when they are ready to succeed. This move is an effort to ensure that students gain necessary skills for college and work. The curriculum prepares students for post-secondary success. Students at all levels, including those who may not want to go to college, benefit from the curriculum. The performance in the courses has a startling effect on the students’ readiness for college. The costs associated with training students who are not ready to go to college is high, and this may be higher when they are unprepared for work. The curriculum is designed to ensure that each student enters work or college with a higher probability of success. The curriculum in high school should ensure development of a talented labor force that is economically competitive in the world. The curriculum provides better and more rewarding quality of life for the citizens. The courses are the gatekeepers to well-paying jobs. Preparation for work and college consist of courses that are taken in high school, which is the foundation The more rigorous courses the students take enable them to persist and obtain a degree at the end. They have higher rate of staying persistent on the academic track as compared to students who did not take such coursework. These students stay enrolled and work for a degree. Students’ outcome will always be related to the type and quality of available curriculum. Rigorous courses such as have positive effects on college graduation as well as on earnings later in life. Not all rigorous courses are equal (Rose Betts 33). Students who pass through a rigorous curriculum in high school can immediately enter a dual enrolment program in colleges (Ravitch 355). These students leave school much further along. This reduces cost as well as time for a post secondary degree. Students may not be ready for college unless they take additional courses from the traditional core. The content and quality of the core courses need to be improved through additional courses that students take, and this reflects how rigor the curriculum is. The courses enable all students to have equal opportunities to be prepared for post secondary education. Many students who take the core curriculum are unprepared for college and work challenges. Positive outcomes can be achieved through rigorous courses as qualified and professional teachers are recruited to teach. Thus, the schools are able to assign teachers to courses that they can handle best. The content of the rigorous curriculum can be taught and learnt effectively. Students in rigorous schools improve their ACT test scores in mathematics. Most students do not take the right number and kind of courses they need to be ready for college and work. The requirements for graduation must be aligned with readiness expectations of college and work. These courses cover what students ought to know and are capable of doing in their high school courses in specific subject areas. As such, students can have solid foundation to begin next courses. The courses will improve teacher support in education and preparation, which are crucial to the success of students in classroom. The quality of courses can be enhanced through hiring of qualified teachers and provision of training or professional development support to the existing teachers. The teachers are assigned on the basis of their qualification to handle a subject area. Inexperienced teachers are not allowed to teach the students who need best teachers. The rigorous courses must be offered under high quality standards so that students are prepared for work and college education. The students are frequently monitored so that they are able to learn what they are needed to learn. In such cases, interventions can be made to improve students’ progress as required. Conclusion The global economy is technology based and students are in danger of competing in international arena if the vigor of the courses is not raised. The students’ competitiveness in the world must be raised and maintained. It is also important to strengthen the high school curriculum to improve the readiness of students for college. Substantial proportion of students has not been offered education they deserve in order to receive boost to be ready for college and success after graduation. The nation is at risk of losing to the better prepared international students who take technology-based and other courses oriented at overcoming global challenges. Works cited Ravitch, Dianne. Brookings Papers on Education Policy. Brookings Institution Press, 2003. Rose, Heather and Betts, Julian R. Math matters: the links between high school curriculum, college graduation, and earnings. Public Policy Institute of CA, 2001

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The Advantage of Knowing the Business Environment Research Paper

The Advantage of Knowing the Business Environment - Research Paper Example As the discussion highlights  information technology has been the driving force of economic development, while reformist asserts that government contributes to changes in the environment through their monetary and fiscal policy. Government legislates regulation that the companies are mandated to follow such as labor codes, and health and sanitation; hence, the firms’ movement is restricted. Moreover, they are subjected to international and local policies that may alter their business strategies. Although globalization has been associated with the trends in technological innovation, it also signifies the penetration of an international firm to local markets. Business sectors that aim to expand their market size are governed by the political, economic, and social norms.This paper stresses that the view of Keynesian on the role of government is significant in studying the market. Government shapes the operation of a globalized firm. However, with the integration of the internet , global marketers have reached their prospect consumers where no boundaries are set. An example of a global firm is KFC, an American fast-food sector that successfully integrates the Chinese market.  Marketing research is the strategy used by firms to gather relevant information as their basis in devising a marketing plan. The purpose of marketing research is to gain competitive advantage and reduce uncertainty. Competitive Advantage Marketing research aims to study the environment of a particular area. The environment contains factors that can affect the business operation. In studying the local market, STEP analysis is employed. STEP stands for social, technological, economic, and political factors that are relevant in determining the success of a company. Social factors refer to the demographics (e.g. age, gender, and education), class, values, and etc. To effectively capture the target market of KFC, they must research on the lifestyle, values, and other social attributes necessary in formulating a marketing strategy. The target markets of KFC are younger generation, since they are opened for foreign influence compared to older people. Moreover, technology is utilized in selling products and services. For an instance, KFC must determine the number of households with online access and their pattern of using the internet to become their basis of choosing a medium for adverts. On the one hand, the economic and p olitical factors are relevant in shaping the marketing strategy of a firm. They are concerned with the macro and micro economics that may affect the stability of a company. Thus, the information gathered are compiled and studied to construct a comprehensive plan in winning the market. Gould (2008, p.4) suggests another method of ensuring the company’s success is through SWOT analysis. This analysis is centered on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the external and internal environment of firms. The company enables to know their weaknesses and devise a ‘defensive’ strategy to counteract the ‘offensive’ strategy of the competitors. Thus, if the competitors strike, the company